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Android animation in 4 easy steps with Lottie Animation android

lottie animation android

If you thought that animations in Android were tough, I’m about to change your mind. In this tutorial, I’ll show you a super easy way to use complex animations in your android app using lottie animation android.

We’re going to use this android animation library called Lottie. Lottie animation was developed by folks at AirBnb for integrating simple but powerful animations in their apps. 

We all know how cumbersome it can be to create animations in android. You’ll need to know about ValueAnimator, ItemAnimator, ObjectAnimator or one of these according to your need.

But lottie makes it really easy. All you need to do is to add the dependency and download a JSON file. Let me show you how it works.


Android Animation Example

For the sake of this tutorial I’m going to create the most complex app in the world. DICE ROLLING!

Here’s what the finished product would look like: 


1. Add Lottie Animation dependency to your project

In your project level build.gradle file, add the dependency for Lottie Animation library. Make sure to add the latest version. 

implementation ''


2. Choose an Animation from Lottie Files

The way lottie works is by reading a JSON file which contains all the info about the animation. This JSON file can be obtained from It’s a collection of thousands of cool animations for lottie.

We’re building a dice animation, so go ahead and search for dice in I’m using this one.

Download the JSON file and copy it. Move it inside the res/raw folder in our project. If the raw folder isn’t there already, create one.

lottie animation android
lottie animation android


3. Create LottieAnimationView

Let’s create the layout for our app. It’ll have 3 views:

  1. Button
  2. TextView
  3. LottieAnimationView

Here’s what my layout looks like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<RelativeLayout xmlns:android=""

        app:lottie_rawRes="@raw/dice_rolling_animation" />

        android:text="Click to roll"
        android:textSize="32sp" />

        android:text="Click here" />


Notice that all you need to do to stitch the view and animation together is to provide the name of the file in the view. It’s so simple!


4. Creating the MainActivity.kt file

Now we need to generate numbers between 1-6 randomly and display them. Here’s my MainActivity.kt file:

package com.example.dieroll

import android.animation.Animator
import android.os.Bundle
import android.os.Handler
import android.util.Log
import android.view.View
import android.view.animation.Animation
import android.widget.Button
import android.widget.TextView
import com.airbnb.lottie.LottieAnimationView

class MainActivity : AppCompatActivity(), View.OnClickListener, Animator.AnimatorListener {

    var btnRoll: Button? = null
    var tvRoll: TextView? = null
    var animationView: LottieAnimationView? = null

    override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {
        btnRoll = findViewById(
        tvRoll = findViewById(
        animationView = findViewById(


    override fun onClick(v: View?) {
        animationView?.visibility = View.VISIBLE

    override fun onAnimationStart(animation: Animator?) {


    override fun onAnimationEnd(animation: Animator?) {
        val randomNumber = (1..6).random()
        tvRoll?.text = randomNumber.toString()

    override fun onAnimationCancel(animation: Animator?) {


    override fun onAnimationRepeat(animation: Animator?) {




I’ve added listeners to the lottie animation view to display the number when dice stops rolling. Generating random numbers in Kotlin is easy with (1..6).random(). Random is an extension function on IntRange data structure.


Watch the Video Tutorial on Desi Coder YouTube Channel in Hindi

The video tutorial for lottie animation is available on the Desi Coder channel on YouTube:


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