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About Me

Ayusch Jain

I am an Android Engineer with an experience of 3+ years building fast, memory efficient, native Android Apps. My area of expertise lies in MVP Architecture, RxJava, Retrofit 2, Material Design, and Java. I am also familiar with other stuff such as Kotlin, Dagger 2, Unit/Integration Testing and Custom Views. I also contribute to the open-source community (although much less than I should).

I believe I have an eye for detail and that’s what sets me apart from other engineers. I can convert Photoshop designs to pixel perfect Android Layouts which although being complex, remain efficient.

When not developing apps, I like to travel and explore, read books ( autobiographies mainly ), play piano, and write blog posts about tech, life, and philosophy. I am also pretty active on Quora.

You can find me on LinkedIn, GitHub and Quora.


Checkout some of the apps I’ve built :

1. Splito : This is a couple wallpaper app that divides a picture in two parts such that one picture can be set as wallpaper on one device and other picture can be set as a wallpaper on other device, so that when both phones are kept side by side, one complete picture appears.

2. Sexify : Do you get confused about what to wear with your black jeans, white shirt etc… Now get recommendations based on reasearch of thousands of fasion trends over the internet using Sexify.

3. BitWatcher+ : Checkout the prices of over 2000 crypto currencies all over the world. Basically your daily ticker app 😉

4. Religiouskart : A one stop solution for all your spiritual needs,Religiouskart has a wide range of products to offer ranging from Rudraksha, Gemstones, Parad Products, Puja Kits and you can even order Prasad from different temples across India, all delivered to you at your doorstep!

5. Josh Talks : Josh Talks brings together India’s brightest thinkers, innovators, change makers and leaders on one platform to share their unique experiences and what they learned on the way of achieving their dreams.