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How To Download Fortnite In India

Fortnite for android

How To Download Fortnite In India

Fortnite is the most played video game on the planet, it has been available for download on PC and iOS devices. Tens on millions of people log on daily and try to win its 100-player last man standing matches.

Initially it was rolled out exclusively for Samsung devices but has been rolled out to many more Android Phones Now, you’ll need to sign up on the epic games website where you’ll see a list of supported devices.

So, what is Fortnite on Android?

Fortnite for android is the mobile version adaptation of the PC game fornite that we all love. It has the same weapons, same map and same update schedules. The controls are adapted for mobile screens. There are some helpful indicators included to assist the mobile gamers such as Gunshot direction indicators and some extra building buttons, other than that, it’s the same game.

Although the exact date hasn’t been announced yet, the beta is live for an Invite only system. So, you can request an invite from someone you know who has got it, and also from their official website.

More and more phones are being added to the list of supported phones.

How to install Fortnite for Android?

First of all, you won’t be able to download it from the Google Play Store like all the other apps.

So, open a browser like chrome, mozilla or IE on your mobile device and go to, there, you need to sign up for their email invite. Below you’ll find a list of supported devices. Don’t worry if you don’t find your device, just sign up for their invite. Fortnite is regularly adding more and more devices to their list of supported devices.

But if you are lucky and your handset is supported by fortnite beta, then carry on with the below steps:

Go to : or

From there, create an account or if you already have one, login to your account. Then click on Play Free Now.

fortnite for android
Fortnite for Android

You’ll see something like this (on mobile):

Fortnite for android
Fortnite for android

Click on epic games and it will download an installer. So, this is an APK, if you try and install it, it would give you a security warning that you must allow installation of APK form unknown sources. Follow the steps mentioned there and grant the permission to install APK from unknown sources. You can now install the fortnite installer. Once installed, open the app:

It’ll tell you that game storage permission is required, you need to grant the permission and then click on install. Once it is installed click on launch and it will begin downloading some game files. The game files are approximately 2GB so make sure you have a stable internet connection as this can be time consuming.

Once you’ve finished downloading it’ll ask you to login to your fortnite account. Login to the account and you are good to go!!

It’s as good as playing on a PC (although them feels man XD). The graphics are good and the controls are also very well adapted for mobile gameplay.

Also, Fortnite will be compatible for cross platform gaming with iOS, PC, PS4 and Xbox versions of the game so that you can team up with your friends on other platforms.